Is it more important to maintain health or recover from illness?

Movement – this image zhiznZdorovy zhizniPolnotsennoe pitaniePischevoy musorVse know and many pronounce these phrases, and how many do exercise and play sports? And how many people respect the mode and pace of work, rest and nutrition? And who knows what we eat is not to fill the stomach and who knows what is really do we eat? And who refuses his food debris: such bright wrappers, enticing smells funny crunches, discounts, bonuses? I always wondered why some people get sick often, and others – no, why Some look young in 50-60-70 years. And others – no, why so many people with mutilated bodies, even at a young age? Do not they help? We are very trust doctors and most of us hopefully shift the care of his health to a doctor. Is this correct? What does this lead? I do not like going to the market, because the abundance of fruits and vegetables you always slipped something wrong. I approached the counter with the highest quality products in a bag and I turned out “wrong.” This situation lasted until, until I realized that we must not choose the products and the seller. Because different vendors selling the same products. And after I began to choose a vendor that I trust the results of visits to the market has changed dramatically, I began to bring home the fact that buying, not what I podsovyvali. Produkty nutrition is very important – it’s part of our more important zdorovya. Esche people that you trust your health – your doctor. We are the doctors are heavily dependent. There are doctors who understand that the main thing – to preserve the health of people and they try to give simple advice, not abusing drugs by writing out. They cheer for us, and make it clear that nothing irreversible and terrible to us is happening.